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Quakers Hill Kindergarten & Childcare has been opened and operated within Willunga Childcare since 1997, and continues to strive and meet the expectations of parents and care-takers.

Your child can only live their important early years once. And with today’s busy lifestyle seeing more and more parents returning to work earlier, you need the reassurance that your child is not going to miss out on vital early development.

Quakers Hill Kindergarten & Childcare is more than just a child care centre, we are focused on helping your children learn. Each child is an individual who learns differently, and our staff are trained to help prepare your child for the challenges of school and later life. We do this by building a positive learning environment and atmosphere. Our child care in Quakers Hill is personal and professional.

Every child is an individual who deserves respect, and we will strive to make your child feel accepted through the activities we provide day to day and the care that is given by our staff members. We will always encourage ethical guidance for the children to use in and outside the classroom, as well as demonstrating positive role-modelling behaviour.

We take pride on being aware that as educators, we are still constantly learning and improving from the children in our care. However, we utilise this skill to deliver results in terms of helping a child develop and turn weaknesses into strengths. We appreciate the differences in each child and are always working to create an environment that enhances and develops the uniqueness of each character in our centre.

The cook plans a varied menu on a regular basis, with dietary and nutrition requirements always considered.

We aim to provide a nutritional and well balanced diet that is both colourful and well presented. The children are given the opportunity to try a variety of
dishes, including those from other cultures, so if your children has a favourite we are always open to new ideas for the children to try. We also cater for children with food restrictions, allergies or religious requirements. Please inform the certified supervisor/nominated supervisor if a special diet is required. All staff encourage the children to have an understanding and acceptance of individual needs at meal times.

Fresh fruit is served daily and offered at all meal times and if children would like a snack between meals. All meat, fruit, vegetables and dairy products are purchased daily to ensure freshness.

Our cook aims to provide the children with meals that have no preservatives and NO artificial colourings as often as possible. The meals are prepared to suit the childrens taste buds, with their varying taste buds considered.

The weekly menus are displayed on the kitchen door for you to read. There are also meal charts in the classroom indicating what meals your child has eaten throughout the day.

During meal times, educators will join the children at the table and sit together, using it as a social time. We always encourage children to use cutlery and develop independence when feeding and eating.

We DO NOT force feed any child.

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