Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We are privately owned centre operating in the centre of Quakers Hill. We thoughtfully articulated the framework that places a strong emphasis on fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment for each child’s holistic development. The philosophy aligns with contemporary best practices in early childhood education and reflects a commitment to creating an enriching experience for both children and their families.


The Early Years are the most critical stage of a child’s development and we as educators, assist them in maximising their full opportunities in this crucial time where learning outcomes, relevant developmental milestones and each individual needs are considered. Our Philosophy and values are founded with a strong understanding of The Early Years Learning Framework: Being, Belonging and Becoming, The Rights of the Child and The National Quality Framework.



We pride ourselves on a team of highly qualified educators who work collaboratively and respectfully together while supporting and learning from each other. As part of our ongoing commitment to the teaching community, We aim to be informed with reflective practices as it is a form of ongoing learning. We will constantly reflect on our environments, current practices, review ideas, engage in discussions and gather information that support and enrich our team, children’s learning, and our community. We respect our staff by acknowledging the value in what they bring to the team and commited to ongoing professional development and reflective practices demonstrates a dedication to staying informed, evolving, and continuously enhancing the quality of education provided.



We consistently review our programs and implement new ideas based on past experiences and outcomes to establish a lively culture of professional inquiry and continually grow our team’s professional knowledge. We believe that flexible routines within play enable children to reach their full potential to become resilient lifelong learners. Our curriculum is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework of Australia and encompasses child centred learning and intentional teaching practices in conjunction with family participation. Curriculum decisions are carefully considered as we recognise children and families’ diverse individual circumstances, cultural foundations and identities. Children’s learning and development is documented in a variety of ways to showcase their unique interests and learning styles.


Regular reviews of programs based on past experiences and outcomes ensure that the learning experiences remain engaging and relevant. The incorporation of child-centred learning, intentional teaching practices, and family participation demonstrates a commitment to a well-rounded educational approach.



Being connected opens possibilities to consider belonging, being and becoming in our everyday interactions with each other, children families and communities. This is not limited to people only but extends to everything that is in our environment (Martin, 2005). We view all children as unique, individuals with individual needs and capabilities, which need to be nurtured. We value and encourage children to know they have a voice, are respected and celebrated. We recognise children’s strengths and interests as integral to their learning, development and achieving successes. We allow them to be involved in a meaningful way, promote responsibilities and a sense of purpose whilst exploring, creating and learning in their own time, in an environment that considers holistic development to be the foundation for ongoing learning.


The focus on holistic development recognizes that intellectual, emotional, social, and physical facets are interconnected and integral to a child’s overall growth.



We lead by example as we are aware of our impact on the environment and this is embedded in our daily curriculum. We strongly believe children are the future and it is essential that we support and promote sustainable environmental practises for future generations. We encourage children to love and appreciate their world by being part of the environment and connecting with nature in their own way. Our role is to encourage children’s wonder and investigation of nature, modelling protection and care of the environment through conversations, projects and taking real action. As we model practices of sustainability, care and love for the environment we share important values which children and families will take with them.

The centre is not only aware of its impact on the environment but actively incorporates environmental responsibility into its daily curriculum. 


Families and Community:

The philosophy acknowledges the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples as the traditional custodians of this Country and their connection to land, water and community in which we operate. We pay our respect to them, their cultures past and present.. This acknowledgment is not just symbolic but reflects a commitment to cultural awareness and understanding, fostering an environment that respects and values diverse cultural perspectives. 


We understand the importance of creating a warm and inviting environment. We view every child as an individual, who comes into our service with their own family traditions, cultures, beliefs and abilities, which should be nurtured to ensure a sense of belonging, self-worth and connection is developed. We acknowledge that children learn within the context of their family and extended community and believe open communication is an integral part of our evolving program to be accessible, meaningful & inclusive for all children and their families. We believe that these differences are valuable to each child and that these differences need to be embraced and acknowledged.

Willunga Child Care and Pre-school’s philosophy for childcare in 2024 is a robust and well-rounded framework that places children at the centre, acknowledging their uniqueness and diverse needs. It aligns with contemporary principles of early childhood education, emphasising play-based learning, environmental responsibility, diversity, and strong connections with families and the community. The commitment to ongoing professional development and adherence to recognized frameworks further solidify its dedication to providing high-quality childcare services.

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