Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to support and develop children’s strengths and potential through a child- centered, emergent, collaborative teaching and learning environment inspired by nature and driven by children and families. Quakers Hill Child Care Centre aims to recognise the benefits of providing a holistic learning experience for our children in a caring, enriching environment supported by skilled, knowledgeable and passionate Educators who value families and the community.


Quakers Hill Child Care Centre acknowledges the Dharug people as the traditional custodians of the land that our centre resides on. We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples as the traditional custodians of this Country and their connection to the land, water and community in which we operate. We pay our respect to them, their cultures both past and present.

We are committed to the provision of the highest quality child care as an essential community service in support of families’ rights and needs

We have a commitment to maximise the positive development of all children recognising and supporting every child in attendance with their own unique needs.

We acknowledge that a child’s development begins in the home and our centre is an extension of this development. Each child brings with them a unique set of past experience which influences many aspects of how they will cope, learn, behave and relate to others.

We recognise children have an innate ability to learn and achieve this through their natural curiosity and desire to investigate and manipulate materials and play. Our programs are child focused and spontaneous events are utilised regularly in our daily programs. Through a balance of open ended and teaching experiences children’s development is enhanced to their fullest potential.

We endeavour to create a warm and nurturing, helpful and caring environment to best promote interpersonal skills and to support children’s learning development. Children need to be able to trust and build a warm relationship with their teacher and feel as a valued member in their group to help foster a social identity that is respectful to others.

We believe Quakers Hill Child Care Centre is an extension of the family unit and we endeavour to support and strengthen all family ties. We value and encourage open communication between the parents, staff and children to benefit all children that attend the Centre.

We encourage participation by all in the operations of our Centre. We value and respect the rights of all children, staff and parents being responsive to individual and cultural diversity. Through demonstrating acceptance and tolerance we can build a greater future for all kids.

We believe one of the most important aspects of a child’s development is promoting a healthy sense of self-esteem. Self-esteem is encouraged in the daily programme by allowing children to choose as many activities as possible and providing them the opportunity to succeed at the activities they have attempted. This is done by encouraging co-operation in groups rather than competition and by valuing each child as an individual taking into consideration their own past experiences and future potential.

We strive to ensure we make strong connections with our Early Year Learning Framework, creating foundations for children’s sense of BEING, BELONGING and BECOMING.

BEING: we practice in ways which recognises the child as capable and resourceful.
We value each child as competent, powerful and an active contributor to her/his learning. We understand planned, spontaneous and intentional teaching as a way to build upon each child’s existing knowledge, ideas, abilities and experience. We believe in a sense of urgency by taking pride in capturing each learning moment in play, such as creative discovery or exploring physical capabilities. We work to empower children to be deep thinkers and problem solvers as they learn through play.

BELONGING: we create a sense of belonging through supporting secure, respectful and life enhancing relationships.
We promote relationships that build trust. We do this by respecting and honouring collaborations between educators, children, their families and partnerships within the wider community. We warmly welcome families from all cultures and backgrounds in our service. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ancestors have walked this country; we acknowledge their special and unique place in our nation’s historical, cultural and linguistic identity. We believe all families should be given the opportunities to participate, contribute and share ideas in all areas of the centre program and experiences. As educators we encourage ongoing learning and reflective practice through extending our professional knowledge of children, families and our wider community. We place equal importance on utilising our educator’s personal attributes through reflective practices and we genuinely enjoy working as a team.

BECOMING: we believe in the importance of the early years as a time of developing and shaping children’s identity.
Through inclusive practices we honour diversity buy embracing secure, respectful, reciprocal relationships accepting each personality. We do this through providing an environment and routines that are familiar and meaningful to the children. As early childhood professionals, we extend each child’s interest and support individual strengths through role modelling and positive reinforcement.

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