About Us


Willunga Child Care Centre & Preschool

Willunga Child Care Centre & Preschool has been opened and operated within Quakers Hill since 1997, and continues to strive and meet the expectations of parents and care-takers.

Your child can only live their important early years once. And with today’s busy lifestyle seeing more and more parents returning to work earlier, you need the reassurance that your child is not going to miss out on vital early development.

Our Philosophy

Staff at Willunga Child Care Centre believe that all children are unique individuals who deserve to be respected regardless of their gender, cultural
background, beliefs, attitudes, religion or additional needs (Outcome 2 Children are connected with and contribute to their world). All persons utilising our service, whether they are children, families or staff, deserve equal and fair treatment and opportunity. These people are special to us and deserve to feel welcome, safe and secure and will always be treated with kindness and respect (Outcome 1: Children have a strong sense of identity and Children have a strong sense of well being).

We believe our Centre and program a warm, friendly, safe, healthy and educationally stimulating environment in which all children, staff and families
are treated as equals regardless of gender, culture and ability. Supporting children’s understanding of reciprocal rights and responsibilities is a strong
focus in our play environment and in our daily discussions with children (Outcome 2: Children are connected with and contribute to their world)

We recognize the importance of families, and thus in our daily interactions invite parents to participate in all aspects of the program and daily activities.
We consider partnerships with families as a fundamental component of children’s learning. We values families and build trusting relationships through honest and respectful conversations using communication methods suited to each individual (Principal 2 Partnerships with families)

chosen to share their life journey with us. That journey is facilitated in our balanced educational program, where the strengths of children are used as
vehicles to reach milestones and outcomes. Children are strong and knowledgeable and our program uses their previous experiences and interests to
challenge. Questions discover and grow in the natural environment (Outcome 4 : Children are confident and involved learners). We advocate for children as they teach us great things each and every day.

We identify staff as being our greatest asset, valuing their individual experiences and qualities. We support our staff in achieving their goals through hands on practical training whilst being mentored by their peers. We develop staff teams based on strengths, personalities and interests of individuals and consider the approach to provide opportunities for staff to be challenged, achieve and feel successful (Principal 5: Ongoing learning and reflective practices)

Staff at Willunga Hill Child Care Centre value the importance of working together to support each other and ensure that the highest of quality care and
pride is maintained within the Centre at all times. The educators promote professionalism and us their knowledge and training to support and guide those who at stakeholders within our service.

We are committed to providing the service of a multipurpose Child Care service, consisting of extended hours of care, reflecting the needs of the
community and the families utilizing our Centre.

We are dedicated to ensure the environment is safe, clean and well-maintained. Children’s awareness of the environment will be promoted through daily practices, resources and interactions. Sustainable practices will be encouraged within the education and care service. Educators, children and families will be encouraged to become advocates for a sustainable future. (Quality Area 3: The service takes an active role in caring for its environment and contributes to a
sustainable future).

Willunga Child Care & Preschool Centre is more than just a child care centre, we are focused on helping your children learn. Each child is an individual who learns differently, and our staff are trained to help prepare your child for the challenges of school and later life. We do this by building a positive learning environment and atmosphere. Our child care in Quakers Hill is personal and professional.